Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Stealing Freddy Beach's Customers


I had a great night until the cab broke down at around 2am. I think it is a starter problem. But I imagine the boys at the shop with have my van up and runing before lunch, I hope.

I can't really complain I did make really good money tonight, and I met some really interesting people. I picked up 3 girls at Mexies Margareta Monday, they were very interested in my weeksworth of stories and Ellen told me about another blogging taxi driver she met in fredericton. Right away I knew she was talking of Freddy beach. She said that he had taken a picture of her around halloween, because she had dressed up as a Nurse. I remembered reading about her and seeing her picture on freddy's blog.

Well they want me as their cabbie while they are home from school and I hope they call me over the weekend. They were great tippers and I am sure they have some stories of there own.


freddybeach cabby said...

hey Liam...you take care of those pretty ladies for me.Maybe I'll get a chance to take a couple of your passengers! If you see them again tell them I said hi and I'll see them when they come back to Freddybeach.

Turner Mitteron said...

We cabbies share everything, don't we.

STAG said...

Oh maaan...Sorry to hear about your new car getting pranged by a deer!

Paradise Driver said...


When you have a moment, would you please update your link to me.

The URL has changed.


Paradise Driver said...

Are you going to return to posting?

Cabby said...

Hi Liam,

I added your blog "Taxi Home" to my Taxi Blogroll knowing that visitors might be interested in reading. I hope you can add my taxi blog to your blogroll too. All the best!