Friday, March 23, 2007

Walking The Dog

Had a good few days driving cab, Made some good money for some strange reason. On another front, I am pushing my self to loose some pounds so I am starting to walk after my shifts driving cab. I walked 4km this morning with the dog, she was happy to be out and about as you can see.

I snapped a shot of this sign as I walked past the Coast guard Base, I wondered why the deputy minister and not the minister of defense has this sign up? Like was he to busy to sign the order to have signs posted around the coast guard base???? Or did he just decide that the deputy needed to look like he was doing some work?? Just thought it was funny....

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Watch out for gun totin rabbits!

I am not much for street art but this caught my eye. A rabbit with a machine gun. Crazy combination, my sister will love me posting this picture and I am sure she'll add it to her collection as it is "Out there Art" I have a few other strange findings I'll post soon, Ya never know what you'll see driving cab.

8 white russians Later

Well Normally Tuesday nights are a flop, however tonight was not the typical Tuesday. I normally take Tuesday nights off to spend time with my wife but I was forced to move those plans to Monday this week as the car was down for repairs. So I took the opportunity to Take in a movie with my Wife and Saw Ghost Rider. Great Movie by the way.

I seriously Had a great night and finally made some much needed cash!

SO nearing the end of the night I get this call to go to the side door of city hall. At 4am in the morning this usually means that you are bound to be picking up some one who the Cops are finished dealing with. Sure enough this was the case. This guy comes out gets in the cab and is very upset. He tells me to take him out to the pentengail road out in Quispamsis a $28.00 fare. I tell him I'll need the money up front and he is already digging into his pockets and hauls out the cash much to my surprise.

He then asks me "Do you know anything about DWI charges?" I tell him no and asked why he asked. He proceeds to tell me how the cops got him coming out of the strip club parking lot and arrested him for drinking and driving and took him back to city hall to administer a Breathalyzer test, he says he blew 0.10 and reminds me the legal limit it just 2 points lower at 0.08, I listen as he tells me this "I dunno how I was over the limit I only drank 8 white russians"

I dropped him off, hoping this bone head learned his lesson.

I hate these people, I can almost understand the drunken fools who drink too much and have no way home and drive home anyway, but this guy had a wad of cash and could afford the $28 bucks for the drive home but still chose to drive cuz he didn't think that 8 white Russians was too many. I hope they throw the book at this fool!

Friday, March 16, 2007

Gotta stay in the Cab if you wanna make money!

I now have this stupid cold which really sucks and it makes me tired at the wrong times of the day. For the last week I have been up before I normally am hacking and spewing up god knows what and when I drive cab I get sleepy after 2am. it really sucks crap!

It is so slow as of late it needs to pick up so I can pay some bills. Missing the weekends this month have had an effect on the amount of cash in my wallet. I guess I'll have to catch up when my pay from the other Job comes in at the end of the month.

Drivin cab over the past few years has make me sooooo inpatient when it come to money. I hate waiting for pay checks now it sucks.

Driving for Eastlink has gave me a good break from the slobs who pay my bills on the weekends. I guess it's not all bad but when you drive cab you get so used to havin cash in hand!

I'll be jetting to Halifax in that big storm coming on Saturday I hope it goes well. We have 30 passengers I think. SO we will use all 3 of our vans and we'll travel together so we should be ready to face O'l Jack Frost and his last stand.

Stopped at the Toll highway in Nova Scotia with my wingman on a recent trip to Halifax.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

No I am Not dead

WOW it's been a while since I posted.

Lets think up a good excuse ahhhh I now have a warcraft addiction.....

Not good enough?

I have been sick...... there end of excuses. Not good enough? Kiss My Irish ASS!!!

Drivin cab had been slow as my other job has picked up. But I am sure over the next little while I'll come up with some good stories soon.....

pictures to come as well

ST. Patrick's Day is commin...............