Thursday, April 12, 2007


Well I have been busy, well I really have been very lazy in posting on this blog. But I do have some new happenings so I guess I had better tell you about whats going on.

Been drivin the movie car for the past 3 months since my day driver totaled the Lumina I was driving. An old Fredericton cop car, the Lumina saw better days. SO since then I have had another old cop car that was in the movie "Stuck" that was filmed in Saint John this past fall. Still waiting for it to come out so watch for it.

Recently This Car "23" is getting to the end of the line, a 99 Crown Victoria with over 300000km it is in the shop as I write this waiting to be fixed or junked, a judgment that I do not care to see the out come. But yesterday my boss set me up with a 99 dodge caravan that is in really in great shape and is going to make a great taxi that I'll have all to my self very soon. I have to share it with the day driver of 23 for the time being and then I'll have it all to myself next week or so. For those of you who have shared a car with another driver with know my pain....

I'll post pictures of my new Cab "89" in the next few days.

in the mean time check out this telephone poll why has it not broken yet??????????

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