Monday, April 23, 2007

Bunnies are cool, But Deer suck

Well I snapped this shot out side the university a week ago, the little guy was chowin down on the new greens the warm weather has provided. He posed for a few shots and thumped off into the bushes.

The Deer on the other hand are Bastards!

Here I was drivin this guy home from one of the local call centers, when low and behold a Deer pops his ass out of thin air, I had time to stop and I watched as he meandered off the road probably wondering what in the hell I was up to.

This deer was about 10 feet from the front grill and I watched him trundle into the darkness, when just then, His Brother Mr. Retardo Deer bashes his body into my passenger side door ripping my mirror off!

I was pissed, but keeping my cool I asked with the rage still in my voice " Did you see that man?" to my passenger "see what?" he said " didn't you hear that loud crash right next to you?" I asked. He responds "yeah I was wondering what that was, What was it?"

Freaking out I snap at him and say, " Didn't you see that big deer that hit the door????"

"What Deer? I didn't see a Deer"

Just then I pull in to his drive way, he pays me and I drop him off and I am left thinking are you on Glue how in the hell could you miss that!

Just goes to show some people live in there own little world

My New van with no passenger side mirror :(

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