Monday, December 7, 2009

WOW long time since I posted here... lost in the world of warcraft and face book. we will have to see if the saga that is this blog will continue

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Stealing Freddy Beach's Customers


I had a great night until the cab broke down at around 2am. I think it is a starter problem. But I imagine the boys at the shop with have my van up and runing before lunch, I hope.

I can't really complain I did make really good money tonight, and I met some really interesting people. I picked up 3 girls at Mexies Margareta Monday, they were very interested in my weeksworth of stories and Ellen told me about another blogging taxi driver she met in fredericton. Right away I knew she was talking of Freddy beach. She said that he had taken a picture of her around halloween, because she had dressed up as a Nurse. I remembered reading about her and seeing her picture on freddy's blog.

Well they want me as their cabbie while they are home from school and I hope they call me over the weekend. They were great tippers and I am sure they have some stories of there own.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Bunnies are cool, But Deer suck

Well I snapped this shot out side the university a week ago, the little guy was chowin down on the new greens the warm weather has provided. He posed for a few shots and thumped off into the bushes.

The Deer on the other hand are Bastards!

Here I was drivin this guy home from one of the local call centers, when low and behold a Deer pops his ass out of thin air, I had time to stop and I watched as he meandered off the road probably wondering what in the hell I was up to.

This deer was about 10 feet from the front grill and I watched him trundle into the darkness, when just then, His Brother Mr. Retardo Deer bashes his body into my passenger side door ripping my mirror off!

I was pissed, but keeping my cool I asked with the rage still in my voice " Did you see that man?" to my passenger "see what?" he said " didn't you hear that loud crash right next to you?" I asked. He responds "yeah I was wondering what that was, What was it?"

Freaking out I snap at him and say, " Didn't you see that big deer that hit the door????"

"What Deer? I didn't see a Deer"

Just then I pull in to his drive way, he pays me and I drop him off and I am left thinking are you on Glue how in the hell could you miss that!

Just goes to show some people live in there own little world

My New van with no passenger side mirror :(


Well the new car is finalized, I'll be renting it for now. SO it is going to be great to drive it on my own with out a day driver and get a few extra hours in. The cash has already been better. I had to get the ol' taxi licence renewed as it was my birthday on the 3rd another $50 down the tube lost and unknown. Plugged in a new deck as you can see in the picture, my electronics Guy gave me a great deal, it will end up costing me a few cheap cab rides for him but it is well worth it. Already had a few drunken fools screaming out to the tune of the new deck and a few extra tips have helped too!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Outside the Taxi

One of the reasons I have been failing to post here, is because I have a new granddaughter and she had us in and out of the hospital the past week or so. She was born on the 26th of march and had to go back into the hospital for 4 or 5 days to get some gunk out of her system but she is now doing fine and gaining weight like she should be. Her name is Victoria Haley Marie and here are some pictures.


Well I have been busy, well I really have been very lazy in posting on this blog. But I do have some new happenings so I guess I had better tell you about whats going on.

Been drivin the movie car for the past 3 months since my day driver totaled the Lumina I was driving. An old Fredericton cop car, the Lumina saw better days. SO since then I have had another old cop car that was in the movie "Stuck" that was filmed in Saint John this past fall. Still waiting for it to come out so watch for it.

Recently This Car "23" is getting to the end of the line, a 99 Crown Victoria with over 300000km it is in the shop as I write this waiting to be fixed or junked, a judgment that I do not care to see the out come. But yesterday my boss set me up with a 99 dodge caravan that is in really in great shape and is going to make a great taxi that I'll have all to my self very soon. I have to share it with the day driver of 23 for the time being and then I'll have it all to myself next week or so. For those of you who have shared a car with another driver with know my pain....

I'll post pictures of my new Cab "89" in the next few days.

in the mean time check out this telephone poll why has it not broken yet??????????

Friday, March 23, 2007

Walking The Dog

Had a good few days driving cab, Made some good money for some strange reason. On another front, I am pushing my self to loose some pounds so I am starting to walk after my shifts driving cab. I walked 4km this morning with the dog, she was happy to be out and about as you can see.

I snapped a shot of this sign as I walked past the Coast guard Base, I wondered why the deputy minister and not the minister of defense has this sign up? Like was he to busy to sign the order to have signs posted around the coast guard base???? Or did he just decide that the deputy needed to look like he was doing some work?? Just thought it was funny....